Transforming technology concepts into products and solutions.

TransformTec turns ideas into reality.

Transforming Products, Process, And Solutions


  • Is a technology consulting firm catering to businesses with 6-60 employees, an under-served niche market
  • Engages with clients to create effective business strategies and improve product development methodologies
  • Cuts to the bottom line by bringing innovative solutions quickly and effectively. We are more agile and less costly than larger traditional firms
  • Provides subject matter expertise in: Project Management, Business Process improvement, Information Technology Infrastructure and Website design


Works with you to identify, reduce or eliminate:

  • wasteful technology
  • operating costs
  • development costs

Uses proven management techniques to improve:

  • business process
  • operational efficiencies
  • project schedules

Specializes in new Product Development and getting the "fat" out of existing development and business.


  • Consultancy: works with clients to create or improve internal business and operating process, create technology solutions, and identifies opportunities to reduce costs
  • Product Development: versed in all areas of the product development life cycle, from working with investors, system and engineering design all the way through to implementation and manufacturing
  • Industries: Multimedia, Telecommunications, Finance, and Hardware/Software manufacturing


Has expertise in the following areas:

Product Planning & Strategy Telecommunications
New Product Development Product Planning & Strategy
New Business Development Product Management
Hardware / Software Program Management
Consumer Electronics Project Management
Sales Systems Integration

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